Interested in joining our club?  
Please contact our Secretary or Treasurer,
 or pick up a membership form at one of our shows.

Membership Requirements:

-Must attend 2 club meetings
-Must help at one horse show and work night (minimum)
-Must bring a food item to one show (minimum) (i.e. pop, bars, salad, beans, etc.)
-To be eligible for year-end awards, Points do not accumulate until dues are paid
-To be eligible to ride in the WBR Pleasure class at the August show, you must be a member by April 1st
-To be eligible for the Champ Show, you must be a member by May 31st.
-To be on the WSCA list as a WBR member, you must be a member by May 31st.

*Membership will not be official until dues have been received.